I am the woman always on the outside looking in…the square peg being forced into a round hole. I care deeply about things — people and issues — an idealist. I am daughter of Abba Father (It took me a long time to accept Him as such). I am restored beauty only because of the crazy love of Jesus.

I am wife to the most amazing man. I am mom to four beautiful children. I am a pastor trying to shepherd people into an authentic, everlasting relationship with their Father. I am a worshipper, ex-legalist, Jesus Feminist (Sarah Bessey), a yogi, a teacher, an adoption advocate, a blogger, and a music maker.

I love dark chocolate, the Foo Fighters, and romantic stories that inspire me to try new things. I love the ocean and the power it represents of the Creator’s creativeness. I love the quiet. I love to bask in the presence of the Lord — to just sit down and listen. I love to write! I love the sense of community that I have finally now that I’m 35. I crave authenticity.

As far as what I do (not who I am), I am the owner/instructor of One Three Nine Yoga, the co-founder and president of The 139 Collaborative, and the Creative Catalyst at Healthy Growing Churches.