Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in your body?

Did you know that the primary function of the skin is the keep bad stuff out of your body and put good stuff in?

Your skin is like a giant sponge! So take a moment and think about the chemicals you place onto your skin every single day. It can be pretty horrifying to think about all the garbage that is allowed into our everyday products. Be better to yourself.

I chose to become a Consultant with L’BRI because I believe in the power of what we put not only into our bodies but what we put on it. L’BRI’s skincare is a system that is aloe-based. There are over 200 species of aloe, and only about 4 are pharmaceutical grade. L’BRI uses one of those–aloe barbadensis. This aloe goes into your skin healing years of damage from the inside out. Check out my website where you can order samples and check out all of our product offerings. Personally, my skin has never felt better!

Concerned about the cost? Consider this. Each of L’BRI’s skincare products last 6 months+. The products are super concentrated. They don’t add water, because why in the world should you have to pay for their water when you can use your own? Overall, these products come out less expensive than any other skincare line you can purchase. And the benefits are incredible.

Contact me to schedule a personal facial or to host a show where you can earn tons of free products!