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Peace Be Still

Life has been quite tumultuous lately. The escalating tension that builds in our home as we try to love and support two new children who didn’t know love or parents prior to stepping foot into our home is wearying. Combine that with increased responsibilities in ministry and life in general, it’s easy to feel like you’re coming apart at the seems. The last few years have been a tough season for our family. But Jesus, full of love and compassion, continues to sustain us by His peace that surpasses our understanding. There are so many sleepless nights we could have had if we weren’t enveloped in that peace. So when The Belonging Co. released the song Peace Be Still (feat. Lauren Daigle), I was struck by the amount of faith wrapped up in one song. This isn’t typical western church culture, but this is actual faith to move mountains stuff; faith to believe in the unseen; faith that keeps our eyes focused on Jesus rather than the storm. That’s the faith I want so desperately to have! That’s the faith the Church needs and I believe, longs for! I hope you enjoy my song story.

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  1. Love the passion for Christ in your voice, the faith in God in your heart, and the joy of the Spirit that shines in your eyes and overflows into all who know you. May this song, this story, your words, encourage people to see the storms in their lives from a new perspective. I pray they will seek answers from the One who calms the rage, who walks on the waves, who loves all people from all backgrounds. “Peace, Peace, over me.”

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