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So Will I

So Will I

I’ve been listening to and singing this song at Hope for the past several weeks. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to wrap my mind completely around the lyrics. That, I believe, is part of the wonder of God.

In all of my spare time (haha), my friend Dave and I like to get together to write music, and every time I hear So Will I, I think to myself, “Those are the words that were in my heart that I just couldn’t seem to make intelligible!” Do you ever get that feeling listening to a song or when reading a book? It’s like the words were just ripped straight from the pages of your heart.

So what does this have to do with yoga, exactly? It has everything to do with our ability to not just train our physical bodies and grow strong muscles and have more flexibility, but It has so much more to do with the training of the mind. How do I get myself so in tune with my own heart and mind that one day words like these in the song posted below just flow out of me naturally and organically?

Remember that the most important asana we do in yoga is svasana/corpse pose. It’s our final resting pose. For me, it’s been in those moments that I’ve heard the voice of God the loudest and clearest. I hope that as you all continue and grow in your practice that this will become the main priority for you. Allow the physical changes become secondary, understanding the significance of being able to sit quietly, meditating on the wonder and awe of our wonderful Creator.

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