Writing & Editing

One of my favorite jobs is freelance writing and editing. It all started with a kick-ass high school English teacher, Mrs. McAlister. As a lost kid without many ways to express myself, she taught me to love books. She taught me to love writing and to be good at it! Everything I write is dedicated to her.

Where You Can Find My Work

These days I don’t get a whole lot of time to write for my own blog, but I am reprioritizing that this year. You can find most of my writing on other sites/blogs. I write and publish content for a non-profit organization called Healthy Growing Churches. There I serve as the Creative Catalyst, and I love it!

I am currently co-authoring a book about Spiritual Gifts with Dr. Greg Wiens from Healthy Growing Leaders. That book should release in Summer 2019. I am a contributor and an editor of the already released Field Notes version of this book available on Amazon.

Additionally, I had the privilege of editing (very last minute) the book Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Resurrected Life by Dan Turner and Greg Wiens.

Q: How much does editing cost?

A: It depends! The first thing to consider is the type of editing for which you’re looking.

  • Proofreading: This is about getting rid of cosmetic errors. It is usually the last step in the writing/editing process. It’s not meant to be comprehensive; when you are proofreading, you shouldn’t be re-working text or re-arranging content. Proofreading is about doing the last run-through to catch surface problems with the content.
  • Copy Editing: Copy editing is about improving style, formatting, and accuracy. Copy editing is about making sure there aren’t inconsistencies, and that the wording flows well — in addition to being grammatically correct. There are different levels of copy editing: light, medium, and heavy. Light copy editing might consist of double-checking accuracy and taking care of most grammatical issues. Medium copy editing includes heavier lifting, such as correcting flow and re-working some of the text. With heavy copy editing, the editor might re-structure some paragraphs, or profoundly correct style, flow, and grammar.
  • Content Editing: Content editing is much more intensive. I would maybe need to add things that were left out or re-write sections of content. Content editing takes copy editing to the next level and can include some level of content creation along with making corrections.

What is your budget? I will try to provide services that stay within that budget. My fees are as follows:

  • Proofreading: $3/page
  • Copy Editing: $5/page
  • Content Editing: $8/page

If you prefer to pay a per hour rate, my fee is $30/hour. Those hours will be documented with utmost integrity on a spreadsheet for you to review.

Extra fees could apply for tight deadlines, but all fees will be discussed upfront.

*Proofreading is a service I don’t typically offer because often I find mistakes more on the content editing side of things. If you want me to proofread, please be sure your document, article, or books has gone through proper copy editing.

For more information on these services, please contact me.
Email: mrsehl@gmail.com
Phone/text: (864) 712-5874