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Rise Up, O Woman, Rise Up!

Rise Up, O Woman, Rise Up!

We are dreamers.



Dare devils.


We have been gifted by the Almighty.

It’s us He’s entrusted with God-breathed life.

We are the mothers.

Raising our children in the fear and wonder of the Lord.



We are chosen to make a mark on our world.

We are given unique and beautiful gifts

To shine a light on the character of God.

We laugh at fear.

We are powerful.

We are wonderfully made.

Daughters of the Most High.

Again, we are His warriors.

We serve on the frontline, not the sideline.

We put our hands to the plow

To make His Name famous.

To fight for justice for the oppressed.

To wage war on the lies

And always fight for truth.

Rise up, O Woman, Rise Up!

You needn’t wait for your mate

To get about His business.

He calls you now!

He says, “Don’t wait!”

Rise Up, O Woman, Rise Up!

Let not shame hold you back.

Rather, let His grace blaze forth from our speech.

We are preacher, teacher, prophetess.

We are leader, pastor, evangelist.

We are intercessors.

May our imprint on this world

Show that Jesus is Lord

Rise Up, O Woman, Rise Up

Don’t wait! Rise Up!

[A poem from May 8th, 2015]

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