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After the Rain

This afternoon sitting on my balcony looking over Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, SC, I feel the presence of the Lord. Here, on the water, is where I find a sense of complete peace. In the wind I feel the Holy Spirit’s way. Here in the simplicity and quiet, my mind is open to hear His voice alone. Away from the noise.

There is a strong rain shower blanketing the landscape. The rain which brings the temperature of this hot, summer day on the coast down about 15 degrees reminds me of the love of Daddy, my Abba Father. It reminds me of His provision and power, how He alone can turn 100 degrees into 85, how He promises us that when we follow the Way, we can say to this mountain, be removed into the sea, and it will obey. It’s the promise of our adoption as His kids. I am His daughter.

A magical thing happens after the rain. The water seems to glisten more. The streets reflect light in a deeper way. It reminds me of the story of Moses in Exodus where Moses goes up the mountain to meet with God and at every meeting, his countenance changes. As a matter of fact, the Israelites became afraid of Moses because of his illuminated expression. I pray to have these encounters with the Father.

In the storm, sometimes it’s hard to see His face or hear His voice over the thunder and pounding rain. But the work of the Spirit refining and changing us is happening! And after the rain comes the stillness of His voice, the illumination of His Spirit alive in us. It is here that we look back and see that He never leaves, never forsakes, and always abides with and in us.

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